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What’s the ‘clarity’ of a diamond?
Clarity is another term for a diamond’s grade, how clear it is, how free of imperfections. Versailles inspects all our diamonds at 10x magnification to make sure we get the best-rated diamonds.

What’s a good color for a diamond?
Most people enjoy a near-colorless diamond, though other colors do work well with certain jewelry styles. Ask us about the different colors available!

I want to propose/give a gift/celebrate a birthday or anniversary. What’s traditionally the best type of jewelry to get?
For a special occasion, go for diamonds set in gold or platinum. There’s nothing more impressive.

What are the available cuts on your diamonds?

Round, oval, marquise, emerald, princess, and more. Versailles Jewelers carries all the standard cuts in the industry.

Are your diamonds certified?
Yes, we carry AGS, EGL and GIA reports. Reports from Canadian cutters certifying non-conflict diamonds are also available.

Who cuts/designs your jewelry?

Our diamonds are cut all over the world – everywhere from New York to San Francisco, Canada to Nevada. Mr. Nevarez works with each customer to find OR design a ring that’s individually theirs. We also work with Kirk Kara Designs on customized pieces.
P.S. – Most of our manufacturing is done right here in the East Bay!

What’s a ‘gemologist’?
A Gemologist is someone trained in identifying diamond and gem materials necessary to make a professionally-arranged piece of jewelry. Mr. Nevarez attended the Gemological Institute in Santa Monica and received certification as a Graduate Gemologist.

Where are you located?
Versailles Jewelers is located in San Ramon, CA. You can find our full contact information on the Contact Us page.

Happy clients say…

When my husband first put my anniversary ring on my finger…..I literally stopped breathing when I saw it. It was so gorgeous! The cut of the diamond was perfect and the size and brilliance of the diamond was amazing. It was the most amazing ring I had ever been given!

— Alli