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Stop Searching for Jewelry Online

Posted by on March 2nd, 2011 with 1 Comment

That’s right – your time’s too valuable to be wasted hunting up fine jewelry online. Versailles Jewelers is here to make the search short & sweet. You’ll find sparkling diamond cuts, a wide variety of unique estate jewelry, and specialists who understand how roundabout that search is, and want to make it easy on you, the customer.

Versailles Jewelers specializes in offering period, estate, and modern jewelry. Each piece we have is a “collectable” and is sure to catch everyone’s eye. See many of our offerings here on this site!

Our diamonds carry several professional diamond reports, because you should be assured of our diamonds’ authenticity. Searching for a designer too? Someone to pull the idea out of your head and slip it onto her hand? Versailles Jewelers offers personalized arrangements to every customer, so you will get exactly the kind of jewelry you’re looking for.

At Versailles, we respect your busy schedule. You’ll be helped by our owner every time – a graduate gemologist who’s been in the jewelry industry since 1981. What’s a gemologist? See our FAQ page for answers to this and many other questions.

When you come in and pick up a Versailles diamond that winks right back at you, you’ll agree that these gems are downright spectacular. Call us for an appointment today! 925-838-4334

“Versailles Jewelers – There’s a gem here waiting for you”

One Comment

  1. Pat Perry says:

    Great new ad! I like the “a Versailles diamond that winks right back at you,” i do know that feeling!!! Also ike the and “there’s a gem waiting for you”, what woman can’t relate to that! The ad truly says what you are all about and I hope it brings discriminating people with great taste your way!

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Happy clients say…

When my husband first put my anniversary ring on my finger…..I literally stopped breathing when I saw it. It was so gorgeous! The cut of the diamond was perfect and the size and brilliance of the diamond was amazing. It was the most amazing ring I had ever been given!

— Alli