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The 4 C’s Explained: #2 – COLOR

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Only 5% of engagement rings last year where yellow gold. That is very close to zero!! Diamonds today need to be WHITE. However, no one knows what the next trend will be. I heard one jeweler say. “No one wants what their mom had. That’s not cool. So this generation wants white gold since it is different from what their mom had, but the next generation will want something else.” Don’t worry.
The color of diamonds

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Happy clients say…

I asked Versailles Jewelers to take my old engagement ring and turn it into something new and exciting that I could wear for my daughters wedding. The result was amazing. They had taken the diamond and put in into a stunning setting with little aquamarine stones (my birthstone) completely surrounding it. The size and shape were perfect and it looked so amazing on my finger!

— Anita