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Why are Diamond prices going up? Part 5

Posted by on September 12th, 2011 with 0 Comments

People keep asking me – Fred, why are diamond prices going up so much? I hope this helps us all understand a little better.

#5 People want to have their money in something safe, tangible. They don’t know what their house is worth, they don’t trust stocks, but they believe gold and diamonds have REAL solid value. We don’t just sell the sizzle of diamonds, we sell the steak. The price of diamonds are up because people believe they have value.

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I asked Versailles Jewelers to take my old engagement ring and turn it into something new and exciting that I could wear for my daughters wedding. The result was amazing. They had taken the diamond and put in into a stunning setting with little aquamarine stones (my birthstone) completely surrounding it. The size and shape were perfect and it looked so amazing on my finger!

— Anita